Plant Genetics- Create your own Hybrid:
, Adriann Musson

Ever wonder how they get new varieties of vegetables?
 Did you ever wish you could  combine two of your favorite varieties into one plant?
Come and learn the secrets of creating your own variety.

Whale you generally can't cross-pollinate vegetables from different species, you can create a hybrid of vegetables from the
 same botanical species. The process is fairly simple. Many vegetables have male and female flowers.
. Here's how with a small paint brush the pollen from one plant and brush the pollen on the pistol and then cut off the pollen of the plant your are pollinating..

Wait for the fruit to mature and ripen. The results of cross-pollination will not be expressed in this generation; they will show up in the next.
Save the seeds. Plant them. They will grow into plants which make hybrid fruits. It takes 2 or 3 years to produce a good hybrid.


This is the finished pollinated flower. 

Adriann shows how to do the process.

And example of the pollen and pistol of a flower.